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The best doctors of Ark were working around the clock to help Kuro at the second hospital ward facility. They've managed to stabilize his pulse, but at least one more month of treatment was required.


"Please check for your daily task through your data bracelets, I've sent them out already. You can read through them later. If you have any questions or if you think something should be changed, look for me later."


He had thought the gear the second years used was top grade and cutting edge, but the actual gear that is used in real battle had surpassed Han's predictions.


Sergeant Red wasn't shouting like usual. He called for Han with a calm voice. Han quickly wiped his sweat off and jogged to Sergeant Red. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


His emotions took a big hit due to his psychic skills. Kuro had experienced rapid growth of his psychic powers two times. Once had been when he was in the deserted island, and the second was when Kijo had killed a cat. Kuro's psychic skills evolved exponentially due to the sudden burst of emotions.


The Northern Korean peninsula was in ruins. The northern territories of Korea were now beyond repair. At the moment, the major cities of South Korea have yet to be fully repaired. North Korea had been cast aside and thrown away.

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Only the sound of the buzzing insects could be heard as Han and Kuro moved through the forest. They stopped upon hearing a noisy crowd in the distance.


"It seems they were trying to train it to be used like a military weapon."


Han grit his teeth and paused at the next corner. The silence was so heavy that it seemed to consume even one's breath. Han paused his breath from nerves.


Kijo crawled out from under the werewolf's corpse. He had an unbelieving expression.


"You sound like you were there. It could be the case. However, it could also mean that I really wished to kill them with the missile as well. It probably was the case. I could have made a different choice at the last moment. They were caught into my viciousness."


Kuro gripped his hands into fists. The tree trunk floated and blocked the front. The bullets hit the tree, creating sparks.


-I heard you've succeeded passing the adjustment period. First, let me congratulate you. As promised, we're looking after your younger siblings well. They are receiving the best education that is normally meant for only the rich. They are being given nice clothes and food as well. I will continue to pray for your good luck. Next time, I shall send a recorded video clip of each child.



They had already discovered two death traps. The enemy laid an invisible thread at the level of their knee, if they were to trip it, a grenade pin would be pulled. The slightest mistake would mean the end of the whole squad.



The Elu used Herald's body as a meat shield and gradually retreated. Herald croaked in a low mumble. He spoke by moving his mouth.


The people were of and from various ethnicities and countries. The executives of Ark made small talk with the inspectors while keeping courteous smiles. Their words carried a sharp eloquence, which vastly contrasted the smile he wore.


As a second year, Han had transcended normal human strength and had grown highly impact resistant bones. His enhanced muscles made seemingly impossible postures easily obtainable. Han tied up the werewolf's movement and attracted its attention.

  • Inspector Rue looked to Han and smiled with a troubled look.
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