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They were armed with heavy weapons that exploded out flames. They opened fire and each attack made a huge hole in the ground. In the midst of the bombardment was a single Elu who had summoned a psychic shield.


The thought passed Kijo's mind, but he erased it from his mind. He was also a youth of Ark. The training he had received from Ark did not allow such cowardly behaviour.


Most of the time, they had come in completely bloody from head to toe with only a breath left in them. Han and Dmitri assumed that they had undergone intensive training of some sort.


"Yes. Do you need some time to settle things in second year? We won't rush you. It would be fine to remain in second year for about a week longer."


A neat looking, tan skinned youth was at the empty lot. His latin blood remained strong and the cheery atmosphere had not changed in the least.


Kuro was looking sporadically in every which direction. There were no particular dangers right now. The two sides continued to prolong the deadlock.

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"The control techniques are simple. Take deep breaths, and spurt out your psychic energy in a way that will help push the spear forward. You shouldn't wrap your psychic energy around the whole weapon like how we normally had trained to do. This will only slow down the speed which it is thrown. It's better to maintain a good push of energy from behind so that it flies out."


The dimensional crack had no bottom. If Han were to fall into the crack, that would spell the end of his life.


Han's level of expertise was too great compared to class D for him to remain here. Han had long passed class D's skills.


He strayed further due to the wind. Han wasn't alone, many others followed along with him. He could see many children had landed in the ocean already.


"Tch. That cheapskate, he should be more flexible since we're both Korean."


Silence entered a building. The inside seemed similar to a basic student dorm. The dorms had all sorts of convenience rooms. He saw two familiar faces in the common room.


"I divided the roles into two: defenders and rangers. The rangers would be responsible for traveling over the rocky terrain so they were required to be fast and agile; the remaining had been designated as defenders. I had the defenders attack and retreat their forces in rotation. I didn't have them force their way forward, but instead I had them retreat back if need be to receive the stamina buff from our own zone. Once the ranger captured the flag, I had the defenders officially start engaging the enemy while defending the flag bearer at the same time."



"Tsk, I knew it would be like this. You've done well up until now. It's rare for us to see this level of brutality as well. Herald, stay with Han until his condition recovers. Zhai and I will continue the rest of the search alone."



"Picture the part of your body that can form psychic energies. It's fine whether you imagine it to be your head or heart. If it's easier, you can imagine it to be your abdomen like many Chinese martial arts do. What's important is the image of psychic powers materializing in your body."


He found a miniature wiretap device on his shirt. The researchers had attached it when they patted his shoulder. The researchers approached Han for this single purpose.


Han observed Laocha's eyes and behavior. He mentally thought back from the beginning of the first day, to when he met Laocha just now.

  • Han patted his shoulder and asked. It seemed like a skirmish broke out at Dimitri's side as well.
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